Our Story - Emassence

Having spent many years of my life in the Middle East, I got acquainted to various cultures and nationalities. After graduating from University with a Pharmacy Degree in 2007, I proceeded to get some local experience and was blessed to have travelled to more than 10 countries where I grew my knowledge and understanding of different nations.

The love for traveling paired with my passion for formulating medicine - has allowed me to put my skills to use and create products that touch people in different ways. I suffered from Eczema for years, and was always on the lookout for a cream/lotion that would work immediately and calms the irritation. I tried many, yet couldn't find the one that works for me... So I proceeded to create my own.

My first experiment was when I created a moisturizing cream at home using a mix of different oils and butters - gave birth to Emassence's first product as when I shared it with friends, the feedback was elevating.

What drew people to my products, is that they are 100% organic, handmade and free from chemicals such as Sulphate and Phthalates (acids). I personally handpick my ingredients - some of which are from developing African countries or the far east.

I have left the Middle East in 2020 - during a difficult period as it was the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic and resided in West Yorkshire - England, where I have now grew Emassence Bodycare Ltd to more than 12 registered and tested products.

Even though I am trying to balance my business responsibilities with my full- time motherhood duties, I find great comfort in getting support from my family and the positive feedback of my Clients. I am reachable - do not feel shy to reach out to me.